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Welcome to Diamond Glitters by Danielle Lambert. Founded in 2013, Diamond Glitters offers an extensive range of Gel Polishes, glitters, nail art & nail accessories.
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FAQ'S & Troublehooting

How long does my order take to ship ?

Orders placed will take up to 8 working days to process, you can choose during checkout how you would like you parcel sending .
1st class - 1-2 working days.
1st Class Signed for 1-2 days.
Courier delivery is normally the next working day after shipping for UK Mainland

International delivery varies from 3 days - 3 weeks you will be given a choice at checkout of which option to select

I have a question about my order

Please email diamondglitters@live.co.uk and someone will email you back as quickly as possible.

Can i add to my order?

Unfortunately we are unable to add to orders once an order has been competed and paid for. If you would like additional items please place a new order.

Gel Perfection FAQs

Q- What is Gel Perfection?

Gel Perfection is a HEMA free Gel Polish system with outstanding quality & durability, designed and tested by myself -  an experienced nail technician.

Gel perfection has been fully safety tested & conforms to EU cosmetics regulation EC 1223/2009. Our products are also listed on the CPNP.

Q- Who can purchase Gel Perfection ?

We are now a professional only brand, please email certificate copies to diamondglitters@live.co.uk before or within 5 days of purchase.

Q- What does the Gel Perfection system consist of?

A- Gel Perfection is a full gel polish system, consisting of:

The First Base-  2 in 1 primer and standard base coat. Super Base - 2 in 1 primer and thicker viscosity 'rubber' base coat.

Colour polishes - Over 150 available shades, with more to come!

Diamond Gloss - No wipe top coat.

Builder gel, in bottle form.

Q- Is Gel Perfection a soak off system?

A- Yes. All the products in the Gel Perfection system can be soaked off with acetone.

Q- How long will Gel Perfection last on nails?

A.1- Applied correctly, Gel Perfection is a 2-3 week polish. Longevity may vary based on application and lifestyle. With correct aftercare, it is not uncommon for it to last until it is professionally removed.

A.2- Builder Gel , infills are recommended within 3-4 weeks.

Q- What lamp is recommended for this system?

A- The Gel Perfection System has been fully tested with the following lamps -
Sun UV 5
Sun UV 6
Sun UV 7
Sun UV 8
Sun UV X

Q- What are the recommended cure times for the Gel Perfection system?

A- We recommend the following cure times: The First Base/Super Base- 30 seconds in an LED lamp, or 1 minute in a UV lamp.

Colour polishes- 1 minute in an LED lamp, or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

Diamond Gloss- 1 minute in an LED lamp, or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

Builder Gels - 1 minute in an LED lamp, or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

Q- What is the recommended application procedure for Gel Perfection polishes?

A- For best results, apply as follows:

Perform full nail prep. Remove cuticle from nailplate, lightly buff, and cleanse. Apply a thin coat of 'The First Base' or 'Super Base'.Both are 2 in 1 base coats containing primer; so priming the nail is not required, but you may still use one if you wish. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, or 1 minute in a UV lamp. Apply a thin coat of your chosen colour (makingsure not to get product on the skin/perionychium) and cap the free edge. Cure for 60s in an LED lamp, or 2 minutes in a UV lamp. 4. If required, repeat step 3. Apply an even coat of 'Diamond Gloss' no wipe topcoat, ensuring the free edge is well capped. Cure for 60s in an LED lamp, or 2 minutes in a UV lamp. You do not need to cleanse the nail after curing the top coat. Allow to cool for 20-30 seconds, apply cuticle oil.Enjoy your Gel Perfection manicure!

Q- What is the recommended application procedure for Gel Perfection Builder Gel ?

A- For best results, apply as follows:

Perform full nail prep. Remove cuticle from nailplate, lightly buff, and cleanse. Apply a thin coat of 'The First Base', cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, or 1 minute in a UV lamp. With the bottle brush, apply a bead of 'Build Me Up'builder gel to the nail. Create your shape and apex. 4. Cure for 1 minute in an LED lamp, or 2 minutes in a UV lamp. NB: You may wish to cure with the 'in & out' method (in for 5 seconds, out for 5 seconds, x3) to void heat spike. Cleanse the nail to remove the inhibition layer. Fileto refine and smooth. You can now apply a Gel Perfection colour polishand/or top coat, starting at step 3 in the polish application procedure.

Q- What is the recommended removal procedure for the Gel Perfection system?

A- For best results, remove as follows:

Remove the shine from the polish with a highgrit file or buffer. Apply pure acetone to the cotton square of afoil remover wrap. Place the cotton square on the nail, wrapping the foilfirmly around the fingertip.

4a. For base, colour polish, and top coat: set a timer for 10 minutes.

4b. For base, builder gel, and top coat: set a

timer for 15 minutes.

4c. For base, builder gel, colour polish, and top coat: set a timer for 15-20 minutes.

Remove the foil from one nail; gently scrape thepolish/builder gel off with your preferred remover tool. Move on to the next nail. Do not remove allfoils at the same time, to avoid the polish/builder gel hardening again. Follow the recommended application steps for yournext Gel Perfection manicure.

NB: If the polish/builder gel is not easily removed from the first nail after the recommended time; reapply the foil wrap. Time a further 3-5 minutes.

When removing colour polish on top of 'Build Me Up' builder gel at infills, file the colour off, to avoid soaking off/compromising the builder gel.

Q- What aftercare should I follow when using the Gel Perfection system?

A- The best aftercare for any nail service is: Jewels not tools! Advise your clients to look after their manicure by using alternative tools where they may normally use their nails, e.g. opening soda cans. Using knuckles in stead of fingers/nails for hard to push buttons and avoiding hard, rough surfaces, will help maintain a chip/scratch free manicure. Twice daily cuticle oiling will be beneficial to the client's nails, and your future prep time!

Q- How many Gel Perfection colour coats do I need to apply?

A- The majority of the Gel Perfection polishes require only 1 coat for full opacity; though some may require the standard 2 coats. Your clients may prefer 2 coats for added strength, or you may wish to use more coats for sheerer colours.

Q- How long should I cure Gel Perfection colour polishes if I want to burnish Diamond Glitters glitter?

A- When burnishing Diamond Glitters glitter, cure your Gel Perfection colour polish for half the recommended cure time. Once burnished, finish the remaining cure time.

Q- How many sets will I get from 1 bottle of Gel Perfection?

A- Depending on how you use the polish (Full sets/ accent nails/nail art) you will get approximately 50-60 two coat sets from a 15ml bottle.

Q- What is the difference between 'The First Base' and 'Super Base' base coats?

A- 'The First Base' is a regular base coat, with a standard base coat viscosity. 'Super Base' is a thicker viscosity base coat, ideal for smoothing out small imperfections on the nail plate, or filling ridges.

Q- Do I have to use the Gel Perfection base and top coats when using the colour polishes?

A- Yes. The colour polishes in the Gel Perfection system are designed to work with the Gel Perfection base and top coats.

Q- Can I use 'The First Base' or 'Super Base' over the colour polishes, or over glitter?

A- No. Both base coats contain primer, which may 'mist' the colour/glitter.

Q- I have a question about the Gel Perfection system; who do I ask?

A- Please email any questions to diamondglitters@live.co.uk

Q- Where can I share pictures of my work with Gel Perfection/Diamond Glitters, or ask for hints, tips, or inspiration?

A- We have a friendly and helpful Facebook group: 'Diamond Glitters & Gel Perfection', where we'd love to see your creations using our products! You can also tag us on Instagram using @diamondglitters. There are admins and group members ready to enjoy and appreciate your work, and help with any tips you may need.

GP troubleshooting

Q- The colour polish has crinkled/bubbled during the cure; what went wrong?

A- Gel polish will crinkle during the cure if it has been applied too thickly. Finish the cure, then wipe and gently buff the affected nail until smooth. Reapply a thin coat of colour, then cure.

Q-  My client has stained their polish; what can I do?

 A- Certain foods, flower stamen, cigarettes, and beauty products such as fake tan and hair dye, can stain polish (especially lighter colours) Inform your client of the risks, and have them come in for a buff and fresh top coat, if staining occurs.

Q- The colour polish is 'shrinking' from the free edge/cuticle area before I've finished all 5 fingers; how can I prevent this?

A- If the polish has started shrinking before you finish all 5 fingers of one hand, try flash curing as you go. Start with the first nail, then have your client place their hand in the lamp. During this time, paint the first finger on the other hand; swap hands and paint the second finger, and so on. Keep working one nail at a time on each hand. The second coat should adhere to the first, so this technique should not be necessary for both coats.

Q- The nails appear to have dulled after applying cuticle oil; why?

A- After curing the no wipe top coat, allow the nails to cool before applying cuticle oil. Wipe the nails with a dry lint free wipe after oiling, to remove oil from the polish.

Q- My clients are experiencing heat spike; how can this be avoided?

A- If your client's natural nails are thin, they may experience heat spike with builder gel, or even gel polish. Try the 'in and out' method when curing: in for 5 seconds, out for 5 seconds, X3; then finish the recommended cure time. This will limit the polymerisation speed, and prevent heat spike.

Q- My client's polish is lifting/peeling/chipping; why has this happened?

A- There are a number of factors that may cause lifting/peeling/chipping. Improper prep, product contact with the surrounding skin, insufficient free edge capping, lack of aftercare, skincare products containing diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET) or certain lotions and creams. Prevent lifting from incorrect application by ensuring your prep is thorough; there is no debris/cuticle/oils on the nail prior to application; no product contact with the surrounding skin; the nail is well capped; and your client is educated on correct aftercare.

Q- Oh no! My Gel Perfection products have hardened; what's happened?

A- Gel products can harden if stored incorrectly. Ensure your products are stored away from direct sunlight, or LED/UV lamps. Do not open products outdoors; the sun emits UV rays that will harden gel.